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Marco Annunziata

I analyze the interplay of innovation and global economic trends, and assess the impact on business models and strategies. I have worked in policy, finance and industry -- most recently as GE's Chief Economist and Head of Business Innovation Strategy. 


I consult, speak and write -- I am a regular contributor to Forbes.com. I love to learn, by collaborating, engaging in discussions, reading. 

I am based in San Francisco; I have worked in London, Washington D.C, Milan, Toulouse; I've travelled quite a bit...and still do.

Take a look at what I am currently doing in the sections below, and get in touch. 



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I have recently completed a project as a Fellow in Residence at  Autodesk, focusing on innovation and the Future of Work; and a stint as Entrepreneur in Residence at GE Ventures .

I am an advisor at Tafi.io, a health care startup developing a next-generation clinical data integration platform; and at Swytch.io, a blockchain energy platform.

I collaborate with Rob Metcalfe and Bob Hahn of The Behavioralist on management and productivity research


If you would like me to speak at your event, contact Bespoken Bureau, or email me.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results...but you can watch my TED talk on the industrial internet, my presentation at Singularity University Exponential Finance Conference, and my cameo appearance at Techonomy on digital innovation.


Most recent appearance: Keynote on the economic impact of new technologies at the Eurofinance Strategic International Treasury event in Miami. .


I love writing.


I contribute to Forbes.com and write regularly on this website's blog page and on Medium. I published several white papers: you can find them on  my LinkedIn page.

Published a paper on the Future of Work to the online journal Economics, co-authored with Hendrik Bourgeois

I co-authored a Harvard Business Review article on Augmented Reality with my friend Magid Abraham

My book The Economics of the Financial Crisis was published by Palgrave McMillan

Stay tuned for more!



What have I been up to lately?

Michael Leifman and I have just launched a podcast where we explore the latest technologies through a series of conversations with startup founders. We delve into the nitty-gritty of how the technologies get developed, where and why they make a difference, how  companies get started. We debate the big picture implications, look into the future and sometimes wax philosophical. We disagree and argue, we have fun and learn a lot in the process. It's on iTunesStitcherGoogle Podcasts , Spotify, Tune-in on Alexa... wherever you listen. You can also listen directly through M4Edge.com . Give it a try!


New article in:  'The International Economy' , on The Hidden Tech-Driven Productivity Revolution in the US.


Contact me...

...and more...

I love reading, and this website has a dedicated page on the books I am currently engrossed in and the thoughts they inspire.

As I travel, I also dabble in photography, and the gallery below will give you a sample of what catches my eye.

Feedback, thoughts and suggestions of any kind are welcome!