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Marco Annunziata

I analyze the interplay of innovation and global economic trends, and assess the impact on business models and strategies. I have worked in policy, finance and industry -- most recently as GE's Chief Economist and Head of Business Innovation Strategy. 

I served on the Board of Advisors on Information Technology of Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; I've been an Entrepreneur in Residence at GE Ventures and a Research Fellow at Autodesk.


I am a TED speaker, author of "The Economics of the Financial Crisis", two-times winner of the Rybczynski Prize for best paper in business economics and have published in the Harvard Business Review and other business and financial publication.

I am a PhD economist (Princeton), but with an  optimistic twist. 


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Consulting Services


We work closely with our clients to offer strategic advice tailored to your needs. We can help you to:

Navigate the global economic, financial and geopolitical environment and anticipate the opportunities and challenges for your business. Our macro analysis and proprietary forecasts will help you cut through the noise and focus on what matters in times of uncertainty and volatility.

Understand innovation and technology trends most relevant to your business, identifying priorities, opportunities and adoption and execution challenges.

Take your thought leadership to the next level, bolstering your visibility and your credibility with customers, partners and policymakers.

Our clients include major blue-chip companies in industry, finance, software and learning, as well as tech startups.


Speaking Engagements

To book Marco for a speaking engagement, please email him directly at marco@annunziatadesai.com



Michael Leifman (another GE alumn) and I host a  podcast where we explore the latest technologies through conversations with startup founders. It's on iTunesStitcherGoogle Podcasts , Spotify, Tune-in on Alexa... wherever you listen. You can also listen directly through M4Edge.com . 

We also provide a joint advisory service that brings together the strength of Annunziata + Desai Advisors and Tenley Consulting.  We specialize in helping tech startups at all stages of growth, and scenario planning for both startups and major corporations. Contact us at StrategyGarage@M4Edge.com. 

Publications & Interviews


I am a Senior Contributor to Forbes. My latest piece:  How To Close The Digital Skills Gap

If you are fluent in Korean: I weighed in on one of my favorite topics, Universal Basic Income, in the Korean paper Dong-A Ilbo.  If your Korean is not good enough, well...you probably already know what i think, and i have not changed my view...


My thoughts on the April US jobs report, US-China relations and more.  Click on the icon to watch.  --->. 

Check out the BLOG page for my latest thoughts.

Article in:  'The International Economy' , on The Hidden Tech-Driven Productivity Revolution in the US.

Harvard Business Review article on Augmented Reality with my friend Magid Abraham

A paper on the Future of Work to the online journal Economics, co-authored with Hendrik Bourgeois


Contact me


In the READINGS page I post short reviews of the books I find most interesting.


In the Ministry of Truth page I highlight some egregious examples of misleading media coverage, because cutting through the noise and misinformation has become a key challenge for analysts and businesses.

I also dabble in photography, and the gallery below will give you a sample of what catches my eye. You can find more of my photos on my 500px page.

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